Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)

Air Purification Rating
Proven to remove chemical vapours.
Kalenchoe is a popular seasonal flowering plant. Available in many colours including reds, yellows, orange, pink, lilac and violet.
There are two main types of Kalanchoe being blossfeldiana and manginii hybrids. Blossfeldiana is by far the most popular type with growers being able to induce flowering at any times of the year. When flowering finishes, cut off stems and do not water until new growth begins.
Crassulaceae (orpine)
Care and Maintenance
Feed every two weeks from spring through until the end of the summer. Water moderately during the summer and keep dry during the winter.
Grows well in soil and soil-less media
Light Conditions
Full sun
16 to 26 degrees celsius
Pests and Problems
Aphids and mealy bugs, especially on leaf undersides.