Research & Accreditation

Research & Accreditation

Dr Bill Wolverton is a retired, former NASA scientist who spent over 30 years exploring and investigating the impact of plants on indoor air pollution.

Dr Wolverton's has been recognised as one of the world's foremost authorities in the use of natural processes for environmental pollution control. His studies have been published in over 70 technical papers, include a Ph. D in Environmental Engineering (1978) and a B.Sc in Chemistry (1960).

Dr Wolverton published two exceptionally informative books:-

Eco Friendly House Plants: 50 indoor plants that purify the air (1996 ISBN: 0297 83484 3)

Some of Dr Wolverton's most pioneering work was undertaken in conjunction with NASA during research relating to plant based options for closed ecological life support systems. The aim of the research was to identify ways of mitigating issues arising from indoor air pollution generated during long distance space travel.