Potted Mum's (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

NASA Certified
Air Purification Rating
Excellent for removing chemical vapours with a high transpiration rate which is ideal for air circulation and humidity control.
Potted mum's or Florist's mum provide a brilliant display of colours. Commercial growers apply dwarfing techniques and manipulate the day/nigh cycle to induce flowering at a given time - this enables small flowering plants to be available for purchase all year round.
The potted mum is superb at removing formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia from the air.
Compositae (composite)
China and Japan
Care and Maintenance
During spring to summer keep the soil moderately damp. Feed with a complete fertiliser weekly.
Light Conditions
Full sun and semi-sun but avoid intense light such as the midday sun.
Day: 16 to 18 degrees celsius
Night: 7 to 10 degrees celsius
Pests and Problems
Aphids and spider mites are a risk when the air is too warm and dry.