Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

NASA Certified
Air Purification Rating
Proven to remove chemical vapours.
Golden Pothos grows quickly and tolerates a wide variety of environmental conditions found in the home or office making it one of the easiest plants to grow.
It can tolerate shaded conditions, is resistant to insect infestations and can withstand neglect. Unlike many plants, it does not lose the colour variation in its leaves when kept in a dark setting.
Solomon Islands
Care and Maintenance
Let soil dry slightly between watering. Feed weekly through the spring and summer. Clean leaves with a damp cloth.
Light Conditions
Semi-shade to shade
18 to 24 degrees celsius
Do not allow to drop below 10 degrees celsius in winter
Pests and Problems
Aphids and mealy bugs (rarely)
Sap is irritant to skin and mucous membranes