Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)

NASA Certified
The Gerbera daisy was included in the early NASA studies assessing the ability of plants to remove air pollution.
Air Purification Rating
Excellent for removing chemical vapours with a high transpiration rate which is ideal for air circulation and humidity control.
The Gerbera Daisy has incredible yellow, red and orange flowers in it's natural form. Commercial growers have also created pink, white, salmon, cream and crimson flowers. The Gerbera can flower all winter if kept in the right conditions.
South Africa
Care and Maintenance
Keep soil evenly moist but never soggy. Feed regularly during the spring and summer.
Use standard commercial potting mix.
Light Conditions
Full sun to semi-sun but shield from intensely bright light such as the midday sun.
Day: 16 to 18 degrees celsius
Night: 7 to 10 degrees celsius
Pests and Problems
Susceptible to root rot from over watering. Aphids and spider mites are a sign of the air being too warm and dry.