English Ivy (Hedera helix)

NASA Certified
Air Purification Rating
Excellent for removing chemical vapours with a high transpiration rate which is ideal for air circulation and humidity control.
English Ivy is excellent at for purifying the air and in particular for removing formaldehyde. It is popular in large public atriums where it's abilities as a climber can be fully realised. Ivy comes in many leaf pattern varieties - plants with variegated leaves require the most light. 
Araliacaeae (aralia)
Asia, Europe and North Africa
Care and Maintenance
Water frequently in spring and summer with room temperature water. Allow to dry slightly between waterings in autumn and winter. Mist often during winter when the air is dry and fertilise regularly during the growing season with weak fertiliser.
Light Conditions
Semi-sun to semi-shade
Day: 16 to 21 degrees celsius
Night: 10 to 16 degrees celsius
Pests and Problems
Spider mites and scale insects in too warm and dry location