Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia "Exotica Compacta")

NASA Certified
Air Purification Rating
Very good for removing chemical vapours with a good transpiration rate to enhance air flow and moisture balance.
A popular house plant it's foliage is typically green with white or yellow marbled patterns. 
Areceae (arum)
Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador
Care and Maintenance
Keep soil moist with soft, tepid water. Use diluted liquid fertilizer from the spring through the summer. Mist frequently and keep away from draughts.
Soil mixture should comprise 3 parts leaf mould to 1 part ordinary soil.
Light Conditions
Semi-sun to semi-shade
16 to 29 degrees celsius and can tolerate as low as 8 degrees celsius for short periods of time.
Pests and Problems
Spider mites, aphids, thrips and mealybugs