About us

Hello, we are gro2.

We want more people to use more plants so we can all benefit from cleaner air so we can share a better environment.   

Air quality in the home and urban environment is a serious issue. People in the UK spend on average over 90% of their time indoors - living, working and playing. Very few people pay attention to the impact that poor air quality has on their well-being.

Modern manufacturing methods use increasing volumes of synthetic resins, fibres and materials derived from toxic chemicals to make the furniture and products that are used to construct, decorate, clean and maintain your home and workplace. 

Synthetic products and domestic activities such as cooking emit harmful gasses which can cause irritation to the sensitive membranes in your body - particularly your eyes, nose and lungs. Exposure for long periods has the ability to inflict long term damage on your physical and mental well-being.

What you can't see is hurting you. gro2 want you to take control of your environment and invest in your personal health and well-being.

We believe that the best solution to the air quality problem is a natural solution. No plugs, no techno-babble, just nature and a splash of human creativity.

Explore our website to see the plants which have been certified by NASA to remove many of the common toxins which pollute indoor air. Our investigations combined with research has highlighted a major factor influencing the ability of a plant to efficiently clean the air, is the supply of oxygen to its roots. This is why we created the 'breathe' planter.

Our 'breathe' planter is a simple, beautifully designed solution to help your plants work their best for you and your environment. Function and form working together to improve your space.

We want you to take positive action and we want to inspire you to grow your own air.  We want you to experience the benefits of cleaner air and encourage you to use the plants that nature has spent millions evolving into spectacular air purifiers.

We want you to learn, participate and enjoy.

The journey begins here.